Tea is a great source for hydrating your body. Enjoyed hot or cold tea rehydrate and quench thirst while it provides antioxidants and nutrients that will help your body stay hydrated, energized, and satisfied.

Herbal Blend

Cleansing Herbal Blend. Organic & pure.

Award winning

Cocoon Tea Artisans

At Cocoon Tea Artisans we love tea. Always have. Always will. We love the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that tea has to offer the body. And then there’s the calming effect on the mind.

Whole leaf teas and infusions made with carefully sourced ingredients.

Matcha Tea Gift Set with organic Matcha

980 kr
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Crafted by tea masters for your mind and body in a setting of harmony, respect, purify and tranquility.

Including organic Japanese Matcha with instructions, Chawan-Matcha Bowl, Chasen-matcha whisk, Chashaku-Matcha bamboo spoon, Chasen noashi-Ceramic whisk holder, Matcha sift-tea strainer.

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