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How to brew

The brewing is an essential part of making a good cup of tea, so we would love to guide you to get the very best out of our pure organic blends.

We have a recommended brewing on all of our blends, but of course it varies depending on how strong you like your tea. So make sure you find your own personal brewing time. One bag is perfect for one cup. Then you can pour on more water again on the same leaves. And if you are making a pot, we also recommend using only one bag which you leave in the tea pot.


The water's temperature is very important when brewing the perfect cup of tea as it can have a big impact on taste. But that is not all. The temperature also plays a big part when it comes to releasing the valuable vitamins, minerals and antioxidant that our teas have to offer. That's why we have a recommended temperature on all of our blends.

Find your cup

This might sound silly, but the cup you choose is also important. Some cups are better at making the aroma or flavor stay longer. So try a few different ones before you decide which one is your favorite. At Cocoon Tea Artisans we love cups made of a ceramic material.


• Bring fresh, cold water to boil
• Pour on freshly boiled water
• Brewing time: 4-6 min.


• Bring fresh, cold water to boil
• Set a side app. 1 min
• Then pour on the water
• Brewing time: 5-7 min.


• Bring fresh, cold water to boil
• Set a side app. 3 min
• Then pour on the water
• Brewing time: 6 min.


To maximize freshness, all of Cocoon Tea Artisans teas come in tin tea caddies. If you'd like to store it any other way, make sure to use an airtight container approved for tea made of tin or dark glass. Other containers might transfer odor or light spoiling the quality and taste.

We recommend storing the container in a dark, cool and dry place free from strong odors, heat and direct light. Remember to tightly close the container every time to ensure that the tea maintains its freshness, flavor and aroma.

Although tea doesn't go bad, we recommend drinking our tea within one year of purchase. After the container or bag has been opened we recommend drinking it within three months.