Special Edition Christmas Earl Grey

Special Edition Christmas Earl Grey

Dec 02, 2018Alexander Bach Schmidt


Antioxidants from the tea leaves can help protect the body from disease and are also found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Add an organic cinnamon stick to this organic Earl Grey Tea to get extra antioxidants from cinnamon which have been found to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Share this true classic tea with friends and family during December. We have made this special edition for Christmas with silver label in our stackable tea caddy. Brewing this tea in a teapot just with one pyramid bag to leave in the teapot and perfect to share.

If you brew it in a cup - leave the pyramid bag for 4 minutes, gently squeeze the pyramid bag and then place the used pyramid bag in the mini tin to re-use again for one more cup of tea later during the day. Dry the mini tin after use.

All of our teas are crafted from the original tea plant and made of organic whole leaves as we believe they bring more health benefits and a better taste than regular tea leaves. When brewing this organic Earl Grey Tea please pour on freshly boiled water to get the best taste and drink it hot.

Enjoy every sip of this tea – it is worth taking a moment to calm your mind and replenish energy.

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