Darjeeling - The Champagne Of Teas

Darjeeling - The Champagne Of Teas

Dec 17, 2018Tina Hueg


The Darjeeling Oolong Tea is a highly valued tea and Darjeeling is the area in the world usually referred to as the "Champagne of teas", which makes this tea a perfect gift for a true tea lover.

A distinct tea with floral and nutty flavours, perfect after your meal and to drink during the day. This tea is crafted from the original tea plant and made of organic whole leaves as we believe they bring a better taste than regular tea leaves.

When brewing this organic Darjeeling Oolong Tea, please use fresh cold water to boil, then set aside for a few minutes to get 90 degrees water for optimal taste and benefits.

Embrace this tea and enjoy the feeling and taste.

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