Oolong - Award Winning Tea

Oolong - Award Winning Tea

Jan 11, 2019Tina Hueg


Explore our organic Oolong Tea with delicate chestnut notes and hints of fresh hay. These leaves are organic certified and for us the purest most delicate tea. 

Drink during the day and especially after lunch or dinner. Brew your tea on the same leaves several times.

We recommend you to re-use these Oolong tea leaves to eat – just add the leaves to your salad every day. 

When you make a pot of tea just leave the pyramid bag in – do not take it out. Pour on freshly boiled water and add more water later if you like to have more tea.

You can re-use the pyramid bag until the tea leaves stop releasing colour.

Brewing temperature: 90° Brewing time: 7 min.

We craft our teas on whole leaves as we believe they bring a better taste than regular tea leaves.

This is why we have protected the whole leaf tea in pyramid bags to make sure you get a well-brewed tea each time. It takes a little longer to brew whole leaf tea and it is worth waiting for.


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