Earl Grey - An Elegant Steaming Cup Of Tea

Earl Grey - An Elegant Steaming Cup Of Tea

Nov 13, 2018Alexander Bach Schmidt

The elegance of tea has been our focus when creating Cocoon Tea Artisans. Elegance, simplicity and graceful in appearance and manner.

When it’s getting dark outside or you need extra energy try this organic Earl Grey black tea with a little green tea and intense notes of fresh, nourishing bergamot oil to drink in the morning or afternoon with or without milk.

Drink these pure black tea leaves with antioxidants every day during winter to warm your body. Use only one pyramid bag for one teapot and leave it in the pot – it will only become better. To treat yourself or friends even more, make sure to drink this Earl Grey Tea in a nice cup to warm your hands and get the feeling of strength and elegance.

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