White Tea Award-Winner

White Tea Award-Winner

Dec 02, 2020Tina Hueg

We are proud to announce that Cocoon Tea Artisans has been awarded another Great Taste Award in UK. It is our Cocoon Tea Artisans White Tea that has been granted this prestigious award at The Great Taste Award. We thank the judges for their kind consideration and for the words:

"An appealing, clear, golden infusion with scent and flavour to match. The white tea is suitably delicate, yet fresh, and lemongrass comes across as zesty, bright and clean. The finish is pleasing, with some length and a good meld of lemongrass and white tea notes. A bright golden clear liquor and delicate flavour with a hint of lemongrass. A very pleasant tea".

The smooth Award Winning White Tea is low in caffeine with subtle notes of fragrant lemongrass. An organic tea to drink either warm or cold. Notice the difference in taste after it cools slightly. Drink it for dinner in a cup, if you prefer this tea warm or drink it in a wine glass, if you like to enjoy it cold. 

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