White tea, Beauty Sleep & Dental Insights

Enjoy a cup of Cocoon White Tea as the last cup of tea before going to bed. The white tea has a slightly greater potential than other teas as an antimicrobial to fight infection, inhibit growth of the bacteria that causes bad breath and support good skin care. Sip a cup or rinse your mouth with it, and see—and smell—the effects immediately. You can re-use the tea pyramid for several times. Use the mini tea caddy to keep the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals best until you brew the next cup of white tea, within 2 hours.

Our White Tea is brewed at 80 degrees. Enjoy it warm or cold. If you like iced tea it is really delicious if you add only fresh mint leaves before it gets cold. Leave the tea bag in the glass for 8 minutes with fresh mint leaves in. Then cool it and add ice cubes.