Boost Your Day WIth White Tea

Boost Your Day WIth White Tea

Mar 26, 2020Tina Hueg

Boost your senses with this Award Winning White Tea.

Lemongrass is a powerful herb and that is why we have crafted our Cocoon Tea Artisans White Tea with this particular plant. Together the ingredients strike a delicate balance in taste. 
The smooth Organic White Tea with subtle notes of fragrant lemongrass is a beautiful tea to drink either warm or cold. Notice the difference in taste after it cools slightly. Drink it for dinner in a cup, if you prefer this tea warm or drink it in a wine glass, if you like to enjoy it cold. You still get all the good minerals and vitamins from the tea leaves when you drink the white tea iced.

We recommend brewing White Tea at temperature of 80 degrees while you watch the whole leaf ingredients unfold and release their good taste when doused with freshly boiled water. Just leave the pyramid bag in the cup or pot – you do not have to take it up, as the tea will taste beautiful even if you leave the pyramid bag in. Add more water later if you like to have more tea. 

This White Tea is organic certified to avoid the pesticides that are often used in conventional tea. We follow international research about the tea plant and use this knowledge when developing our teas. 

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