Green Tea Quince - A.A. Taste Award-Winner

Our Organic Cocoon Artisans Green Quince Tea has won the A.A. Taste Award in Japan. Thank you to the judges for beautiful words: ”This level of success is commendable and deserving of recognition”.

In the past few months, the judging panel has been anonymously reviewing hundreds of restaurants and food product companies from countries all over the world. According to the nomination of the jury members, our organic Green Quince Tea has achieved the overall satisfaction of the judging criteria. 

To recognize food and beverage manufacturers, dedicated to providing an additive-free food supply, the A.A. Taste Awards were established as the first organization promoting the spirit of Clean Label and establishing additive-free certification system in the world. The candidates of this award manage to deliver quality, healthy and delicious food. The A. A. Taste Awards are an incentive to commend those who call for a more conscious food system and produce better products for customers. 

Discover our beautiful antioxidant-rich green tea blend infused with zesty quince and soothing ginger. We carefully pick the best certified organic teas. Always pure and organic. This green tea truly goes above and beyond to soothe your skin, give an extra boost to the immune system and induces balance. 

Enjoy your organic green tea hot or cold. You can read more about how to make an iced tea from your Green Quince Tea here