Cocoon Tea Artisans x Karina Hamilton

Cocoon Tea Artisans x Karina Hamilton

Jun 09, 2020Tina Hueg


We love business coach, Karina Hamilton. Karina works with clients from all over the world - meetings via Skype or in person - and we can highly recommend working with her. Karina is also a dedicated tea drinker.
Her favourite teas are White TeaGreen Tea Quince and Herbal Blend.

"I love to serve and drink Herbal Blend to get calm. A hot cup of Herbal Blend before I go to sleep, is a treat for me. Or during the day, if I feel restless or stressed - Herbal Blend makes me relaxed. I love that I can drink it without feeling like I get coatings on my teeth - a feeling I can get from other teas".

Karina serves our organic White Tea and Green Tea Quince, when she has clients, and she says:

"I love the taste, gentleness and that these teas give you balance between health and focus body and mind, when you drink them and that is exactly what I like serving for my clients".

If you would like to know more about Karina Hamilton's amazing work,
check out her website here or find her on Instagram here.

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