Herbal Tea Trio - part of a relaxing routine

499 kr

A bundle of 3 stackable tea caddies with pyramids of organic herbal teas.

Tea caddy #1 ROOIBOS. A crimson color unfolds into a smoky, sweet aroma with vanilla undertones. A perfect herbal tea with or without your choice of milk. Enjoy this naturally caffeine-free organic infusion as your ideal bedtime tea.

Tea caddy #2 LEMON VERBENA. A beautiful golden organic infusion with an abundance of lemony fragrance and a refreshing finish. Enjoy this naturally caffeine-free infusion before going to bed.

Tea caddy #3 HERBAL BLEND. Enjoy this naturally caffeine-free organic golden infusion with chamomile, licorice root, peppermint and ginger as a refreshing treat in your everyday life. We recommend Herbal Blend during the day and as the last cup of tea before you go to bed. 

Enjoy this delicate trio of our herbal teas that are all naturally caffeine-free, pure and organic. We have crafted these as a perfect night time ritual. Shift everyday between these different herbal teas and make it a part of a relaxing evening routine. 

If you brew your tea in a tea pot, which we always recommend, you can use 1 pyramid for 1 tea pot - and just leave it in. The taste will stay delicate and balanced. 

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About Tea Cocoon Artisans

We love tea. Always have, always will. And that’s where our journey began.  

As our love for tea turned into a passion, we put a lot of work and heart into learning everything about it. In 2016, we decided to dedicate our time doing what we love and created Cocoon Tea Artisans.