Handcrafted cast iron teapot 0.3l

399 kr

A tea pot is a symbol of prosperity & friendship. Brewing tea in a hand-crafted tea pot like this, instead of directly into a cup, will improve the final tea experience.

The tea pot retains heat better and provides more oxygen in the tea pot for the leaves to brew.

Made with a pinhole to let the air out to prevent spills and a spout designed to avoid dribbling while pouring the tea.

Use 1 pyramid bag and leave it in the teapot. Add more water repeatedly depending on which tea you are drinking. You can re-use the tea leaves until they stop infusing.

Before using the teapot first time and after each use, clean only with hot water and make sure to dry it off after each use to prevent it from oxidation.




Not microwave and dishwasher safe.

Always place the iron cast on a heat-resistant surface.

If the teapot has not been dried off after use and rust appear, clean the area with a soft brush and re-use the black tea leaves from the tea. Put the tea leaves on the area as it should naturally react with the iron and bring back the black seal.

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About Tea Cocoon Artisans

We love tea. Always have, always will. And that’s where our journey began.  

As our love for tea turned into a passion, we put a lot of work and heart into learning everything about it. In 2016, we decided to dedicate our time doing what we love and created Cocoon Tea Artisans.