Cocoon Tea Artisans x Rebecca Elbek

Cocoon Tea Artisans x Rebecca Elbek

Apr 28, 2020Tina Hueg


Being thankful to have such great people around us every day we wanted to share some of them with you. In this Tea Insight we would like you to meet Danish goldsmith Rebecca Elbek and share some of her tea moments, as she is a dedicated tea drinker.

"In the morning I love to start with a Green Tea. When I have been working for some hours I continue with another kind of tea. Usually I prefer Cocoon Tea Artisans organic English Breakfast".

While Rebecca continues her unique work with jewels, she makes a pot of tea to last for the rest of the day with Oolong as she keeps on adding water to the same leaves.

"This Oolong does something special for me at this time of the day, when I am very focused on a special made bracelet, ring, earring or necklace". 

We love the craftsmanship of Rebecca Elbek’s jewelry, and we know that many others do too (keep an eye on Nicole Kidman). If you would like to see more of Rebecca’s work, have a look here.

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