A Happy New Year With Oolong

A Happy New Year With Oolong

Dec 31, 2019Tina Hueg


It is easy to make good habits in the beginning of a new year. Start your new everyday habit this year drinking organic Oolong Tea. Some people use it to get add their fluid intake and some just enjoy drinking Oolong to give them a time during the day to reflect and relax. Oolong Teas are the most complex of the tea categories. These kind of teas are crafted by tea masters paying extra attention to every detail of the process. The leaves are withered for hours, then shaken until the tea master decides that the tea leaves has reached the correct level of oxidation. To prevent further oxidation the leaves are fired, rolled and then fired again.

Our organic Oolong Tea leaves are lightly oxidized green pellets. Please enjoy every detail when you drink this artisan tea. This semi-oxidized tea is perfect to drink 30 minutes after lunch or dinner. Recommended brewing time is 7 minutes and make sure to use freshly boiled water, which you leave for a couple of minutes after boiling before brewing the tea. The leaves can be brewed multiple times.

Get the optimal effect out of your organic certified Oolong leaves by adding the tea leaves to your daily meal after drinking the tea. Just make sure to use the leaves within the same day as brewing the tea.
This is a very sustainable way of using all the leaves.  If you do not eat the tea leaves please give them to your plants – they will love them too.
Getting closer to nature and maintaining a beautiful day – please enjoy this award-winning organic Oolong Tea.

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