What Is The Difference Between Tea And Infusion?

What Is The Difference Between Tea And Infusion?

Dec 02, 2020Maria Kjeldsen

When we, at Cocoon Tea Artisans, talk about tea, we always talk about tea from the real tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. 

It is important for you to know the difference between real tea and infusions as we follow the health benefits of the original tea plant. So when we talk about the advantages of drinking tea, it is solely from this real tea plant.

New research in the original tea plant highlights more health benefits from drinking tea than we could have ever imagined. And this is all kinds of tea flavours, also black teas – if they originate from the original tea plant. Not all hot beverages that looks like tea can be categorized as actual tea though. Tisanes are very often referred to as teas. The correct word is an infusion as tisane does not originate from the original tea plant and therefore does not yield the same benefits.

Tea has been popular through centuries for its health benefits, and tea is still the most popular beverage (after water) on the globe. Many types of teas are crafted worldwide – all from the same species – the original tea plant. Each tea with a unique composition, benefits and taste.

The tea plant, terroir (the soil composition), tea growing regions, harvesting and blending will have an impact on the taste and quality of your tea. Even teas of the same variety differ in taste depending on the region and the ecosystem, in which it is grown and harvested. The knowledge of the tea growers that nurtures the tea plants and their understanding of how the tea plant response to its habitat is essential. This is even more important when growing organic whole leaf teas of superior quality. That is why we, at Cocoon Tea Artisans, only use the best certified organic suppliers, acknowledging their unique skills and expertise. 

While drinking high quality tea, you will get that feeling of overall well-being. 
And that is why, we at Cocoon Tea Artisans, do what we do, inspiring more people to drink pure, organic quality tea as a part of an everyday routine.

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